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There's A Better Way To Buy A New or Used Vehicle

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One Stop Shopping!                         

Just a phone call or click away is a Simplified, Stress and Hassle Free way to Purchase/Lease a New or Used Vehicle.

Auto Savers is has the tools to make getting your next vehicle a seamless reality. We have partnerships with several new car dealers to acquire and assure you wholesale pricing on new and used vehicles. And we are uniquely equipped with a used automobile license and can buy vehicles for you direct from dealer only auto auctions that saves hundreds maybe thousands over sale prices.

Everyone wants top dollar for their trade-in's, and we will research the market and get several motivated buy bids to get you most $$$$ possible for your used vehicle.

We work hand and glove with your credit union along with other financial institutions and leasing companies to help you easily  acquire the vehicle of your dreams.

Years of experience provides answers to many automotive questions, lease v/s purchase, new v/s used. We can help you navigate the issues and come to a positive decision of what best suit your needs.

Save Time & Money                                

No need to waste time shopping all over town for the best deal. We've arrangements with many of the area's finest auto dealers, to include all makes and models which provide you with best pricing and product availability possible.

Volume buying power and knowledge of the industry in where to find the harder to find vehicles enables you the best deals anywhere.

No fee to you for this valuable service. Like in Real Estate the seller or dealer pay's any fee's, such as a referral fee from advertising budget or dealer hold back=money back of invoice.

Auto Buying Made Easy

 Auto Savers Group is your automobile Concierge, a true auto advocate.

Many people use a buying service's to help them get thing's easier. We deal with auto dealer's on a regular basis, we under stand the lingo and can cut to the chase with out the negative experience's sometimes associated with car buying. We are here to make buying a car simple.

As a trusted professional auto buying service company we have your best interests at heart.   

Negotiations are never necessary as our price's are based on the dealer's own invoice or cost, less any incentives or rebates.

We make getting your vehicle convenient, by not only not having to go to a dealership, but delivering your new vehicle to your home, office or credit union.

The next step is the easiest of all

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